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JUDAS ISCARIOT The first mention of Judas Iscariot makes it clear to all, he was a traitor.  Judas and the other eleven apostles had more opportunity to accept Jesus and the salvation message than any other group on earth, at any time on earth.  They learned a tremendous amount about the Messiah, what He came for, angels, the Kingdom of heaven, the evil side of the spirit world and our authority over them, and a host of other things but Judas never truly accepted Jesus or the salvation message.  ‘He was numbered with us (apostles) and received his portion in this ministry’ (Acts 1:17). Jesus is God and as God, He knew Judas was never going to accept Him, He knew Judas was going to betray Him and would be paid thirty pieces of silver for his trouble, and He knew that betrayal would lead to His arrest and death, but Jesus chose Judas as an apostle anyway.  ‘Jesus said, "Did I not choose you twelve and one of you is a devil?"  He spoke of Judas the son of Simo


WHAT GOD THINKS OF FOOLISH PEOPLE When sin entered the world, everything became distorted and corrupted then the Lord had to pull a spiritual veil over the eyes of mankind to block divine knowledge and wisdom.  ‘God will destroy … the covering that covers all peoples and the veil that is spread over all nations’ (Isaiah 25:7).  The spiritual veil caused unbelieving people to become foolish and sometimes quite stupid and can only be removed if we give our lives to Jesus then the way we live our lives should be a mirrored reflection of God. Read more at: