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 WALKING IN FREEDOM AND LIBERTY IN GOD There are many verses in the Bible that speak of freedom in God but what exactly does that mean?  Freedom in God is to be free from the effects of unforgiven sin and also to be free from the terror of death.  When we are freed from these two curses that came upon mankind because of Adam’s disobedience we will enjoy a special peace within our souls that passes all human understanding (Philippians 4:7).  Freedom in God does not mean we are free to behave in a carnal or sinful manner.  It means we are free to enjoy life without the burden of sin, without fear of death and we can enjoy an ongoing presence of God.  The only way to be free from sin and the fear of death is to be born-again by accepting Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and His shed blood that cleanses us from sin, and thereafter we must live a life as a servant and a child of God. Read more at: