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 SCRIPTURAL LOVE AND HATE Many people are afraid to talk about hate because they believe all hate is evil.  To hate, abhor or loathe sin and wickedness, is a good thing and as we see in the scriptures, God hates sin and wickedness.  On the other hand, to hate a person is a bad thing because Jesus died for all people (2 Corinthians 5:15). Read more at:


 FACING DEATH WITH THE PEACE OF GOD Do you flinch at the thought or mention of your own death?  Does the fear of death fill you with dread?  Are you trying to squeeze the very last breath out of this life on earth?  If that is you, you need to open your heart to this message.  In our modern Western culture there has been a great deal of effort to erase anything about death that is unpleasant.  People do not like to talk about it.  They do not want to accept it.  Why? Because they are so fearful of their own death.  More pleasant sounding ‘memorial gardens’ or ‘resting place’ has often replaced the words tomb, crypt, mausoleum, gravesite or cemetery.  Before burial, the effects of death are covered by make up so the deceased person looks nicer.  There is one unchanging fact we can never forget – if there has been a conception, one day there will be a death of that person any time from birth to about 120 years.  Death is real, it is cruel, it can be painful, both physically and emotional