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TWO ANCIENT HEBREW TEMPLES Although Jewish people believe another temple will be built in Jerusalem, they are not able to understand the new temple will not be a building made with stones, but a Spiritual ‘building’ made up of ‘spiritual stones’, the Messiah’s true followers.  The Jewish people cannot comprehend this mystery because many do not accept Jesus as their Messiah.  Most Messianic Jews do understand the new temple will be made up of the Messiah’s people.  ‘The Holy Spirit shows us, the way into the Holy Place was not revealed while the temple was still standing, which was a symbol of the present age (the age of grace ushered in by Jesus), where gifts and sacrifices were offered that were incapable of making the worshipper perfect … But Jesus having come as a High Priest in the age of grace, through the greater and more perfect Temple, not made with human hands, not of this creation, nor through the blood of animals, but through His own blood, entered in once fo