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EZRA THE SCRIBE The Children of Israel lived as one accord, each in their original city.  Ezra had brought together a shattered people, reunited them as one nation and he helped reconcile the entire nation with God.  Ezra was a strong man of faith and did what he knew was right before the Lord.  Read more at:


EXPLAINING THE RESURRECTION When humans die our bodies of flesh will be buried, cremated or lost at sea but our soul will be resurrected and given a new eternal body that looks the same as our earthly body just like Jesus.  Tragically, despite the Lord’s every effort to save humanity not all human souls will go to heaven.  People can choose to accept Jesus and eternal life or they can choose to reject God and be lost forever.  Jesus did not come to save our bodies of flesh, He came to save our souls from ending up in the place of the damned called the Lake of Fire that burns forever, also called the ‘second death’ (Revelation 21:8). Read more at: