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SIGNS OF A CURSE A curse is like a dark shadow that has been hovering over your life and has followed you everywhere, tripping you up and stopping you from succeeding.  It can be destroyed, freeing you to live a new carefree, curse-free life.  The frustration can be halted.  If you have been a person who has all the hallmarks of success, yet just as you are about to make it something strange goes wrong and your success fails over and over again, that is a curse.  If we totally break with and renounce the above practices and serve God, then we can expect increase and good health.  If you have ever been involved with the occult, cults, sects, idolatry, gangs or other aspects of evil and you have never dealt with it in your life, for your healing and spiritual growth, it needs to be dealt with.  Renounce any involvement in the occult, cults or so-called secret societies.  Take a little time to consider your life and have a look and see if you have the hallmarks of a