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MESSIAH YESHUA Jesus is the most famous and influential person of all people who have ever lived on earth. The disciples and the followers of Jesus while He was on earth were at a great advantage. They saw Him face-to-face, heard His voice as He taught them, they ate with Him, walked with Him, prayed with Him and embraced Him.  All Christians need to understand the absolute Jewishness of Jesus/Yeshua and not rely on Hellenistic attitudes and anti-Semitic teaching.  Jesus was never a Christian.  Our Saviour Jesus/Yeshua was born and lived as an Orthodox Jewish Man, spoke Hebrew and taught in Hebrew, was raised and lived fully within the Torah and all of the Laws of Moses, attended Synagogues and preached in them, He honoured His Jewish parents, lived wholly within the Jewish culture, prayed to the Lord God regularly and died in Jerusalem. Read more at: