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MIXED MULTITUDES LED THE ISRAELITES INTO SIN The mixed multitude of Gentiles who left Egypt with the children of Israel were people of their generation and culture. They were idolaters. They worshipped idols of every description and the thought of having just one Diety to worship was alien to them. They were Egyptians plus other races of people who were living in Egypt at that time. When this multitude of people realised the Hebrews were leaving Egypt, they must have believed they would have a safer life with the Hebrews, rather than stay in Egypt where the plagues had just taken place, or perhaps because there was very little left in Egypt for them. They may have fled Egypt in terror. Whatever their reason for leaving Egypt, there is no scripture telling us they ever believed in the Lord God. They may have obeyed the laws given to the Israelites out of fear but few, if any changed their idolatrous ways. If these people had genuinely changed their ways and turned to God, Israel


ERRORS OF CATHOLIC DOCTRINE If you happen to be a Roman Catholic, some aspects of this Bible study may shock you because there are some shades of Catholic doctrine that do not line up with scripture. This Bible study is not an attack on Catholics, but is about Catholic doctrines that are out of step with some of the Gospel. Most of what the Catholic Church teaches is correct: The virgin birth of Jesus; His crucifixion; His resurrection; the people’s participation in Communion; Joseph’s role in Jesus’ life; they teach us we should spend our lives wholly focussed on walking with and serving God; living a Christian life and raising our children in the knowledge of God; they focus on prayer and getting to know God as our Father; they teach creation; they teach us the prophets foretold of Jesus’ birth; the church correctly stands up against abortion and homosexuality. They have charities and hospitals, caring for the poor and the sick. All these things are correct and scriptural. 


WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT DOGS This is bound to be a contraversial subject but it is one the Lord wants people to know about. In this time in human history, the Lord is separating sheep from goats - dedicated people from lukewarm. There are many areas of our lives that need to be surrended to the Lord and for so me people, their dogs may be one area they need to surrender to Him. Dogs may seem to be a mundane topic but remember, all scripture is written by inspiration from God and valuable for teaching ... and for instruction in righteousness. Jesus never owned a pet and neither did any of the disciples. They were interested in people more than animals. Most people have never given a thought about what the Bible says about dogs but as we can see in the scriptures, dogs are not high in the Lord’s favourite animal list.  The Lord associates dogs with pigs, murderers, idolatry, witchcraft, prostitutes, homosexuals, gore, violence, evil, worthlessness, foolishness, greed, decept